It's ugly out there. But we know that it doesn't have to be. Listen to your hosts Jules and Sean get familiar with the grifters and con artists, cults and gurus, religions and conspiracy theories of a culture reaching its sell by date.


Thought Leaders and Cargo Cult Intellectuals

Richard Feynman used the term “cargo cult science” to describe something that has the superficial trappings of science but operate closer to the level of storytelling. “How the Leopard Got its Spots” is not science, but the explanation might satisfy Deepak Chopra. This is from Feynman’s 1974 commencement speech at Caltech: During the Middle Ages …

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What Happens Now?

How do you run a country when nearly half the population believes the president is illegitimate and that widespread voter fraud put him in power? A smaller but not inconsequential number of this same group goes deeper into the rabbit hole. Among them, there are believers that a global conspiracy exists. According to them, it …

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