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We’re interrupting our Fash Boy summer series again—well, sort of. We’re not explicitly talking about Christian nationalists or White supremacists but there will probably be plenty of crossover.

We also want to give a shout out to the host of another show. I met Hanna, co-host of the true crime podcast, the True Crime Tea Hour, while I was out the other day. How do you not talk to someone reading Helter Skelter in a brew pub? I listened to 6 or 7 episodes yesterday and it’s pretty damn good. I mentioned an episode we’re working on about a mass murder related to the manosphere and online men’s groups. So maybe a crossover episode with them at some point.

In this episode, we’ll be entering the world of film—or at least one man’s view of whom he thinks that industry should serve. That man is Adam Carrington.

I’d be surprised if that’s a name you’ve heard before. If you have, then you’re probably mucking around the same Conservative Christian sewers where we mine for content.

Carrington, who’s an Associate Professor of Politics at Hillsdale, is a man of strong beliefs. On the pages of the American Spectator and the Washington Examiner, he has celebrated our collective return to a nation of religious liberties—as they’re envisioned by Clarence Thomas’ Supreme court. He considers Critical Race Theory to be inherently illiberal, believes that any effort to reduce the burden of student loan debt is immoral in its heart, and that pornography doesn’t deserve free speech protections.

Predicatably, Carrington also has some words for that darkest heart of impropriety—Hollywood. Surprisingly, Carrington isn’t taking issue with the films that Hollywood does make. His problem is that they’re not making enough of the kind of movies that he wants to watch.

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