Episode 7: The Dawn of Everything, Part 1

Episode 9: Disinfo Wars – The Ukraine Edition

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a fast moving situation that’s changing every moment. We know that there’s no way we can keep up with the on-the-ground movements of the Russian troops, the Ukrainian military trying to stop them, or what’s been happening to the citizens of Ukraine caught up in it all.

Unless you’re completely cynical and only get your news from Joe Rogan because, you’ll know that in March and April of 2021, Putin began massing troops and vehicles near the Ukrainian border. This caught everyone’s attention because the last time Putin built up troops like this was in 2014, when he used them to annex the Crimea region from Ukraine.

Calling his invasion a “special military operation” is just one way Putin has tried to crowd the field with disinformation. From the beginning of his troop buildup on Ukraine’s border, he tried to give it cover by calling it a training exercise or justifying it somehow as a normal military operation.

There are infowars being waged by pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian sources. In the case of Ukraine, there seems to be much less interest, directly from the Ukrainian state, in disinformation campaigns than from the Russian state. The pro-Ukrainian narratives are a mix of Ukrainian and third-party propaganda, which spread like wildfire on social media with pithy quotes that may or may not have been said.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s guide about Surveillance Self-Defense.


Relief Orgs operating in Ukraine:

Global Giving

World Central Kitchen

Getting uncensored information into Russia


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