Episode 17: Extremist Telegram feat Martin Rooke

Doug Mastriano and the Mid Term Insurrection

With the midterm elections just a few days away, we thought we would talk about the one candidate who has the biggest potential to act like a wrecking ball if he wins. That would be the Christian nationalist, Dominionist, QAnon colonel, and candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, Doug Mastriano.

Doug Mastriano, retired US Army colonel, January 6th rioter, is the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania. As we record this, Mastriano is polling within 10 points of the democratic candidate, Josh Shapiro.

We could ask, what’s so special about Mastriano? According to Media Matters, there have been 72 Congressional candidates who’ve had some alignment with QAnon content. Besides Mastriano, 13 other gubernatorial candidates have at least taken their shot for their own state’s top office.

Mastriano isn’t the most outlandish of the QAnon candidates. But he’s also not the least extreme. The main difference is that he’s one of the few candidates, along with Arizona’s Kari Lake, who not only won their primary contest, but also has a real chance of winning the whole election.

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