Episode 13: WallBuilders and the Myths of a Christian America

In Premium episode 6, we talked about some of the Christian preachers who overtly tie together Biblical prophecy and the ultimate destiny of the United States. We also brought up the wild variety of other religious influences coming out of Mormonism, Judaism, and New Age thought that are often woven into Christian nationalist narratives.

In our second episode of our Fash Boy Summer mini-series, we’re talking about the central, binding myths that motivate Christian nationalists. These are the stories that energize its preachers, January 6 rioters, and Trump worshiping election truthers.

A central idea between all these disparate groups is that just as they firmly believe that their Christian God cares deeply about the future of the US, they also think that there’s some special history to the founding of the United States.

Their myth of America is an immigrant’s fantasy about a promised land that was founded only through their God’s special favor. Their new promised land, they believe, has ever since been under attack from both secular and satanic enemies and requires vigilant defense.


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