Episode 15: Grand Tartaria, Free Energy, and the Great Mud Flood – Conspiracy Skeptic Podcast

Trying to tell the story of Tartaria in a way that believers hold it is extremely difficult. The biggest issue is that the story of Tartaria is wildly disorganized.

There isn’t any single universally agreed upon story to tell. No one seems to have earnestly tried to build the timeline. So I might be one of the first to attempt to codify the lost history of Tartaria.
I think the lack of a coherent timeline could well be the reason that the story of Tartaria and the alleged subsequent cover up of what people think of as the “true history” is what makes it all so attractive.
You can plug in an alternate telling of virtually any historical event that happened in the last thousand years.

Since most people don’t know much about the history of the Russian Empire in the 19th century or what life was like for a nomadic tribe in Central Asia in the 1700s —that vague knowledge of world history makes many people ripe to receive the retelling from anyone confidently making shit up as they go along.

Add to all that the fact that many of the authors and YouTubers who are doing most of the driving will often disagree on some of the details or just their own flourishes and speculations as they go.

There’s a tremendous amount of riffing that people do in these videos. You’ll hear a lot of these presenters say something along the lines of, “you know, I haven’t actually thought about it like this until just now.” And then they proceed to rattle off some previously unexplored connection between the Tartarian Empire and a secret, global consortium of Jews who opposed it.

This is a truly crowdsourced conspiracy story, with thousands and thousands of people writing it collectively and simultaneously.


Nihilore – In the Belly of the Whale (CC-BY-4.0)

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