Episode 22: School Wars – For God and Profit

God-fearing Christian moms battled to make sure pedophiles weren’t corrupting kids with their gay books and communist ideas. The Karen battalion took on critical race theory, book bans, and transgender kids; all in the schoolhouse trenches. It looked like a spontaneous, summer uprising of outraged parents, and it was everywhere–until it suddenly vanished.

If the buzzwords evaporated, the vitriol and violence didn’t. The metaphors of warfare are becoming more literal by the day as far-right paramilitary cosplay groups are taking these messages to the doors of LGBTQ events, breaking windows at night, and firing into crowds at nightclubs.

Culture wars are the centerpiece of the messaging from the GOP presidential front-runner, Ron DeSantis, and the Party is following Florida’s lead. Harmful legislation has already passed, with more in the pipes for these far-right cities and states.

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