Episode 25: Nazi Homeschoolers

In the past weeks and months, we’ve talked a few times about efforts to undermine public education. There are astroturf organizations that encourage protests at school boards and give support and talking points. Big money donors and foundations push for school privatization by support for voucher programs and so-called school choice initiatives. They’re typically promoted as plans that give more “freedom” to parents. But ultimately, they sap funding from already strapped public schools, which can lead to school closures.

The third leg of this stool are initiatives that promote homeschooling as an alternative to public schools. Not coincidentally, the parents that are most often looking for a way to get their kids out of public schools are the people who follow Libs of TikTok and demand that public school libraries remove books with LGBTQ+ characters.

In this episode, we talk about the most extreme of the extreme homeschoolers, the pseudonymous Mr. and Mrs. Saxon. The Saxons operate the Dissident Homeschool Telegram channel, where they provide advice and support for parents trying to raise Nazi children.

Recently outed by the Anonymous Comrade Collective, the Saxons, now revealed to be the Lawrences from Upper Sandusky, Ohio, are receiving national coverage.

Avaren – Tilt
Squire Tuck – Homage to John Carpenter(CC-BY-4.0) (modified)
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