Episode 25: (Unlocked) The Man from Atlantis feat Steph Halmhofer

Originally premium episode 12, in honor of our upcoming field trip, we’re releasing our full conversation with Steph Halmhofer.

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Deep in humanity’s forgotten past, before the end of the last Ice Age, Stone Age humans shared the planet with a much more advanced star-worshipping civilization.

Through their knowledge of the constellations, this unnamed and forgotten society’s scientists were able to accurately predict that a planet-wide catastrophic flood was about to unfold that would all but wipe out humanity.

By their ascendant technology and possibly some luck, a few members of this advanced society survived. Those remnants took it upon themselves to share their knowledge with the more primitive humans who remained.

They began a planet wide campaign, setting sail for the most far-flung corners of the Earth and to help set the foundations for the rebirth of humanity.

At least this is the story Graham Hancock has been telling the millions of viewers who’ve watched his Netflix docuseries Ancient Apocalypse.

To talk about all this with us, we’re joined this week by Steph Halmhofer. She’s an archaeologist researching pseudoarcheaology and historic conspiracy theorizing at the University of Alberta.

Averen – Depths
QubeSounds – Push

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