Nueva Germania and Other Failed Utopias feat Karl Mamer

Episode 28: Make America Florida

The land of palm trees, powerlifters, and oranges has taken a hard right turn in recent years. It’s been known for decades for its sunny beaches, Caribbean culture, snowbirds, and retirees. Florida has been a mixed bag for decades as a melting pot of the South and the Global South. And until recently, it was also a massive swing state.

But, since 2020, Ron DeSantis began to tell a story of a different Florida. He sees Florida as a beacon of conservatism at the center of a national battle for the soul of America.

What made the conditions in Florida just right to hatch this latest breed of swamp monster?

To hear Ron tell the story of Florida, he fancies himself to be a shining knight, the last of the Ronald Reagan Republicans — a valiant crusader fighting the liberal elites and the woke, Soros funded operatives, with their globalist agendas.

To fight this fight, DeSantis had to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty.

One of the ways that DeSantis has been fighting the woke agenda has been old-fashioned, top down, big government, nanny state legislation.


Airglow – Innermission (CC-BY-4.0)

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