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Episode 33: Tucker Carlson, Anarcho Tyranny, and the Legacy of Sam Francis

Tucker Carlson is looking for work, and he might soon be busking on a corner of Twitter.

Once he commanded the most watched show on cable-TV.
He used his enormous platform to broadcast little known neo-Nazi and white supremacist ideas—repackaged in an advertiser-friendly format.

As much as Tucker’s on-air cheerleading for Trump helped him rise to the top of the airwaves, the Trump ride had a gnarly side and a price that had to be paid.

Promoting Trump’s Stop the Steal in public, while shit-talking him in private, helped cost Fox $787.5 million.

Tucker was well known in circles that track right-wing extremism for introducing dog whistles and obscure white-supremacist terms into the mainstream lexicon. These words occasionally gave away his source material.

One phrase caught my attention in his April 4th show, not long before he got the boot, which was “anarcho-tyranny.” This word comes from only one person—a white supremacist from the 90’s, Samuel Todd Francis. Sam tells us what isn’t being said out loud and gives us a creepily prescient glimpse into the recent trends in the right-wing.

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