Episode 36: Sound of Freedom

Easily the worst movie ever to perform so well in the box office, Sound of Freedom is a fantastical retelling of the extra-governmental exploits of Tim Ballard. Ballard, taking to heart the conviction that every problem can be solved with a gun, travels to Columbia, to set up his own Epstein island as a sting operation to catch pedophiles.

Along the way, Ballard, who believes no amount of entrapment is too much, single-handedly manages to dramatically expand the market for pedophiles while almost simultaneously making the Columbian jungle completely unsafe for NGOs.

Tim Ballard, one time head of Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that seeks to replicate his Columbian adventure but in other impoverished nations around the world, is now connected to something called the Spear Fund.

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Kevin Hartnell – Tree of Tears (CC BY 4.0)
Gianluca Sgalambro – Prayers (CC BY 4.0)

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