Nueva Germania and Other Failed Utopias feat Karl Mamer

Episode 45: Royal Frauds feat Karl Mamer

In the hallowed tradition of Anna Sorokin and former US representative George Santos, and all the other people claiming to be something they’re not, there’s a thriving class of people claiming to have royal blood.

Like the guy from Colorado who claimed to be the King of England, or the other guy from Maryland who claims to be King of the Isle of Man, and essentially everyone who’s ever claimed to be a Romanov.

We’re talking about a few of the greater and lesser known fakes and frauds. Leading us on our tour of pretenders to thrones, we’re joined again by Karl Mamer host of the Conspiracy Skeptic podcast and author of The Skeptic’s Book of Lists.

Now he has a new book: The Conspiracy Skeptic’s Book of Lists: Conspiracies, Deception, Lies, and the Invisible Made Visible.

This is part one of our conversation with Karl. Part two will be available to Patreon subscribers.

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