Premium Episode 14: Ancient Aliens Live in Tucson (Sample)

Premium Episode 14: Ancient Aliens Live in Tucson (Sample)

Is it possible that aliens have been steering humanity for years, hiding clues of their existence in such inconspicuous places as the Pyramids of Giza? Is the dawn of civilization a gift from cosmonauts from another world? Could the human race itself be the spawn of bestiality committed by Mork from Ork on our primate ancestors?

Scientists have never found evidence that we’re not actually Cylons. Surprisingly, before written language was invented in Mesopotamia, not much is written about human beings and our history. Happily, we can speculate wildly about what fantastic things could’ve been and if any pesky archaeologists get in the way of our fun sci-fi imagination, we’ll tell them they’re a buzz-kill and they’re suppressing the truth.

Sean & I booked a trip to find some experts who had open minds, unburdened by establishment archaeology, in the best place to find visitors from outer space & their fans, Arizona.

We had tickets to the Ancient Aliens Live Tour, with five of the regular cast of the eponymous History Channel show, including the guy with the hair, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos.

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