Premium Episode 17: Who Speaks for the Pure Bloods?

Mike Flynn, the retired Lieutenant General, former National Security Advisor, and the original digital soldier, has made it back into the news.

We’re hearing from him again for a few different reasons.

First, he’s suing the government and seeking $50 million—for wrongful prosecution.

Flynn hit the news again just a week later.

During a live event for the ReAwaken America tour, Flynn had a call on stage with former president Trump.

On speakerphone, we can hear president Trump telling Flynn to “stay wealthy, and stay healthy because we’re bringing you back.”

So it seems that if Trump gets reelected in 2024, Flynn might just find himself back in the White House—or at least close by.

But the thing we want to talk about today is one of Lt. General Flynn’s side projects.

Today, we’re taking a look at some of his work in the world of pure blood dating.

But before we do that, we review of some of the ways the QAnon General has been making ends meet since Obama effectively fired him from his post as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

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