Premium Episode 18: Defendant DONALD J. TRUMP/Hoarder in Chief (Sample)

Premium Episode 18: Defendant DONALD J. TRUMP/Hoarder in Chief (Sample)

The big news for everyone is that the deep state is striking back!

Last Friday, on June 9, the Department of Justice revealed details about the 38 felony counts against Trump. Jack Smith, the special prosecutor for the DOJ, is accusing Trump of blowing off or outright lying to the FBI, ignoring DOJ subpoenas requesting the return of classified and top secret materials, and of showing off some of those same sensitive documents to members of his Mar-a-Lago golf club.

But before we get any further into the charges against Trump, we have some other presidential election news.

The media’s favorite leftist, Dr. Cornel West, just announced that he’s also making a presidential run. And socialists across the board are pretty pissed.

Here’s the full indictment for Trump’s espionage charges:
⛬ ⛬ ⛬ ⛬ ⛬ ⛬ ⛬ ⛬ ⛬ ⛬ ⛬ ⛬ ⛬ ⛬ ⛬

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