Premium Episode 3: Air Nazi feat Karl Mamer (Unlocked)

In honor of the upcoming episode that we’re recording with Karl Mamer, here’s the unlocked premium episode when he made his first appearance on our show.

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Sean and Jules talk with long time conspiracy researcher, skeptic, host of the Conspiracy Skeptic Podcast, and author of “The Skeptic’s Book of Lists” Karl Mamer. Karl tells us about the life and times of neo-Nazi, would-be Canadian, holocaust denier, master grifter, and boutique travel enthusiast Ernst Zündel.

Along the way, we also talk about the history of Hollow Earth theories, anti-vax mandate protests in Canada, and Helena Blavatsky, the great-grandmother of most of the insane ideas any of us might find online.

You can find Karl’s book on Amazon or wherever the best books are sold.

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