Premium Episode 32: Twin Flames Universe (Sample)

For our special Wetwired Valentine’s Day episode, we’re talking about that special feeling you get in the deep, dark recesses of your sinful heart. In a holiday orchestrated by Big Chocolate, there are plenty of other opportunists looking to cash in on your loneliness or your crumbling relationship.

An old southern pastor has ideas about how you should love, dating apps are filling holes, and the idea of a soulmate gets really dark, becoming the subject of multiple true-crime docuseries.


Love Languages:

Dating Apps:

Twin Flames Universe

HoliznaCC0 – Love Love Love (CC0 1.0 Deed)
Airglow – Blueshift (CC BY)
Airglow – Spliff and Wesson (CC BY)
John Bartmann – Above the Clouds

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