Premium Episode 8: Fascists Want to Raid Your Closet (Sample)

In our previous Fash Boy Summer episodes we’ve talked about Christian nationalists, Medieval apocalypticists, and white supremacy. This time around, we look back to the granddaddies of modern fascism in Europe and ask why they hated color so much.

And for a special treat on this fourth of July, the day that god created the United States, Jules and I are actually in the same room for the first time since we started the show.

(You can see how embarrassingly long our production schedule can be. We recorded this ep over a month ago!)

Credit to the glumpuppet Youtube channel for the very funny intro audio. Watch the original and check out the other videos.

And to the YUGOPNIK channel for the outro audio. Watch the full video. It’s really interesting.

Gianluca Sgalambro – Keep On Breathing (CC BY 4.0)
Defekt Maschine

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