Premium Episode 9: Rael and his Alien Embassy, part 1 (Sample)

We’re taking a much-needed hiatus from our summer coverage of the fascists and Christian nationalists to talk about Maitreya Rael, the Last Prophet of the Elohim.

Rael, a former pop singer and street musician who had a little success with the song Miel et la Canelle, later founded an auto racing magazine called Autopop. Born Claude Vorilhon, he now leads the International Raelian Movement and claims that today there are more than 130,000 members worldwide. Rael teaches his followers that 25,000 years ago, scientists from a far off planet came to Earth and created all life here as part of a genetic experiment. Rael claims to have first learned these truths from an extraterrestrial he encountered while hiking in his native France. He also tells his followers that he was later taken to visit that alien’s home world, which they call the Planet of the Eternals. There he encountered firsthand the marvels of their advanced technology. Notable among their advances are thought projecting helmets, human clone sex robots, and huge computers that are able to constantly monitor every human being on the Earth.

While on the Planet of the Eternals, the aliens, who call themselves the Elohim, gave Rael a mission:

Spread the Message of the Elohim and
Build the Elohim’s Embassy on Earth according to their specifications.

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