How do you run a country when nearly half the population believes the president is illegitimate and that widespread voter fraud put him in power? A smaller but not inconsequential number of this same group goes deeper into the rabbit hole. Among them, there are believers that a global conspiracy exists. According to them, it is composed of the world’s elite politicians, celebrities, and business leaders.

Coincidentally, the involved elite are nearly always claimed to be liberal and often accused of being secret Communists or Socialists. Needless to say, George Soros, a mainstay in many conspiracy theories, and many (if not all) elected officials belonging to the Democratic party are believed to be near to the top of this conspiracy.

This cabal, as it is sometimes called, is claimed to be responsible for untold atrocities through the years. The culmination of which are their secret, underground child sex slave camps and harvesting farms (for lack of a better word). The fringe of the fringe of this group has also posited that these camps may be hidden on Mars. Elon Musk will have to tell us.

At these farms, children are drained of their adrenochrome, which is produced by oxidizing adrenaline. The purpose of these operations is to keep a steady supply of adrenochrome flowing to the world’s elite. Some claim that these captive children are routinely sexually assaulted to purify the adrenochrome they produce. These world leaders and celebrities then ingest the substance, hoping beyond hope to remain young. And the belief that it enhances youth is the sole reason these camps are believed to exist. Hillary Clinton is thought to be a regular customer. In a nutshell, these are the core tenets of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Adrenochrome is an actual substance. It is also available legally and can be obtained without harming children. At one point, it could be purchased on Amazon. Though, it’s been claimed that the truly good stuff has to come from children.

This is the point. Subscribers to the QAnon conspiracy claim that the sole purpose of many political campaigns on the national stage is to keep members of this global cabal in positions of power and thereby go about their adrenochrome drinking business uninterrupted.

The sole figure, they say, with the courage and strength to fight against the cabal, the one willing to risk his own life and put his personal fortune at stake, is Donald J. Trump. He alone is the one that can save them. So when a mob of pro-Trump rioters storms the Capitol building, those that hold these beliefs as truths are among them.

What happens now, though?

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